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Tiny Enameled Hearts Ring

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Small child-size ring in PMC fine silver decorated with enameled hearts are darling.

Color(s): Shades of red and brown on silver
Size: size 1 ring
Number Available: 1
Price: $30.00
Item #: D1111136

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Fine Silver: Fine silver is another term used to describe un-alloyed silver. Fine silver must be .999 pure, although may contain some trace amounts of other elements. With the growing popularity of precious metal clay (PMC), the availability of fine silver jewelry is increasing. In its unprocessed form, PMC consists of fine silver in a clay binder--this can then be worked into shapes and heated so that the clay burns off, leaving the shaped metal piece. Fine silver is softer than sterling silver and is therefore not suitable for pieces that will undergo some wear.

Silver, a metal with traditionally feminine properties, is said to attract the light of the Moon into the wearer, and so it is considered a psychic metal, used to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. Metaphysical properties include a relaxed, reflective energy that can heighten the power of the stones that are used with it. Silver is used as a protective and calming metal, and is said to have money-drawing vibrations.

With multi-stone or multi-metal items, always use the least agressive method recommended to keep your jewelry looking beautiful:

Fine Silver: Due to it's purity, fine silver should not tarnish. You may need to clean surface dirt off your fine silver piece by rinsing with warm water or gently rubbing with a polishing cloth. Use care when rubbing as fine silver is easily scratched.