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Black Chain Necklace with Crystal Pearls

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Black chain with gunmetal coating decorated with glass"pearls" of crystal in pink, beige and platinum color. No clasp, continuous chain slips over head.

Color(s): Black, pink, beige, grey
Number Available: 1
Price: $25.00
Item #: P1212962

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Base Metal: Base metal is a "catch-all" designation for any non-precious metal. A yellow colored base metal often used in jewelry application is brass. White base metals in jewelry can vary but may be zinc, steel or nickel. In some applications, such as electroplating, copper might be the base metal that is then plated over with a precious metal (usually used in gold plating).

Base metal may contain one or several metals with metaphysical properties. Brass is said to attract money and prosperity, and can be worn to defend against dark magic and direct the negative energy back to the sender. Zinc is the metal of magical revelation. It appears ordinary in its physical state, but metaphysically, zinc has powerful transformational and magical properties. Nickel is said to extend into most dimensions, and has many levels of existence. It is extremely complex and when added to an alloy, increases the complexity of the mix by its very presence. It is therefore useful when additional information or energy is required, or when dealing with trying to solve problems, advance knowledge or a personal breakthrough or threshold shift is required.

With multi-stone or multi-metal items, always use the least agressive method recommended to keep your jewelry looking beautiful:

Glass: Glass can chip or crack with high-impact, so avoid subjecting your glass object to too much force. Most glass is easy to clean with almost any household cleaner, but do avoid subjecting coated glass to heat, rubbing or harsh chemicals.

Base Metal: Because base metals may be plated or coated with a metalic paint, care should be taken in cleaning a piece made with base metal. Generally, base metal pieces should not be subjected to agressive chemical or mechanical cleaning, but instead a soft, untreated cloth may be used to gently remove dirt.