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Multi-Strand Peridot and Pearl Necklace

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Green peridot beads are hand-knotted on silk with petal pearls, gold-filled beads and copper-colored Austrian crystal in this multi-strand necklace. The handmade clasp is gold-filled.

Color(s): Green, white, copper, gold
Number Available: 1
Price: $64.00
Item #: P1212972

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Peridot: Rarely treated with colorless Oil, Wax, Natural and Synthetic Resins into voids to improve appearance. May be heated to oxidize specific minerals to enhance color.

Pearl: There is much to know about pearls. They can be from fresh water or the sea, they can be cultured or natural, bleached, dyed or chemically enhanced, or untreated. It helps to get as much information as you can to best understand your purchase decisions. The pearls used in FabMartha designs are fresh water pearls unless otherwise indicated. Any known treatments will be discolosed with the item's description.

Austrian Crystal: Leaded crystal that is usually faceted. Generally heavier than other glass beads and often treated with a special finish which results in a "rainbow" when lit from certain directions. The faceting on leaded crystal beads is crisper than on typical cut glass beads, resulting in more sparkle.

Gold Filled: Gold fill consists of a sheet of gold over (and sometimes under as well) a base of another metal, usually brass, copper or steel. The bonding may use a brazing paste or fusion welding to join the metal sandwich into sheet or wire forms. The piece is then rolled or drawn into the final shape. The gold layer may be any karat (14k, 18k, etc.) and should be indicated on the finished item. Filled items typically have a thicker--and therfore more durable--layer of fine metal than plated items.

With multi-stone or multi-metal items, always use the least agressive method recommended to keep your jewelry looking beautiful:

Pearl: The best way to care for pearls is to keep them away from heat, solvents, chemicals and abrasives. Don't put a strand of pearls on until after you've applied your hairspray. Pearls are best maintained by occassionally wiping with a soft cloth. If more aggressive cleaning is needed, special cleaning solutions specifically formulated for pearls are available.

Gold Filled: Although gold-filled coating is thicker than traditional gold-plated metals, gold-filled jewelry should still be cleaned as if it were a plated object. It should not be chemically cleaned or rubbed agressively, because the layer of gold can be removed with agressive treatment. Recommended cleaning of gold-filled jewelry is to use a soft, untreated cloth, preferably one that is designed for jewerly cleaning. Do not use a treated cloth, such as a rouge cloth, as the chemical treatment can remove the gold outer layer.