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Black Crystal and Marcasite Earrings

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These dramatic earrings feature sterling silver drops decorated with stunning marcasite. From each dangle cyrstal pearl beads and Austrian crystal droplets. Earwires and all findings are sterling silver.

Color(s): Shimmering black
Size: approx 1.75"
Number Available: 1
Price: $45.00
Item #: D1107044

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Austrian Crystal: Leaded crystal that is usually faceted. Generally heavier than other glass beads and often treated with a special finish which results in a "rainbow" when lit from certain directions. The faceting on leaded crystal beads is crisper than on typical cut glass beads, resulting in more sparkle.

Sterling Silver: Sterling silver is an alloy (i.e. a mixture) of fine silver and other metals, usually primarily copper, at a ratio of 92.5% silver to 7.5% other metal. Other silver alloys do exist, such as the 80/20 ratio found in what is often referred to as "Mexican silver" which in the US market is sometimes used in specialized applications, such as reticulation. Sterling silver (and other silver alloys) are less malleable and harder than fine silver, and therefore are the traditional choice for jewelry, tableware and other applications that must withstand wear.

Silver is said to attract the light of the Moon into the wearer, and so it is considered a psychic metal, used to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. Metaphysical properties include a relaxed, reflective energy that can heighten the power of the stones that are used with it. Silver is used as a protective and calming metal, and is said to have money-drawing vibrations.

With multi-stone or multi-metal items, always use the least agressive method recommended to keep your jewelry looking beautiful:

Sterling Silver: Because sterling silver contains copper, it will tarnish over time. To remove tarnish & clean sterling you may use a polishing cloth or you may want to try one of many commercial cleaners available on the market--for best results, use a cleaning product that is recommended for silver. One home remedy you may want to try is dusting dry baking powder onto a soft cloth and rub the piece, shaking off powder when done. Whichever method you select, take care when rubbing not to scratch stones or glass. Over-rubbing sterling can scratch highly polished items, so use only as much force as necessary to remove tarnish and dirt.